sabato 9 maggio 2015

TS4 - Medieval Princess dresses by lenina_90 - SimsFans

Medieval Princess dresses by lenina_90 - SimsFans

Hi everyone!
Here medieval dresses fot TS4!
I hope you will like these historical gowns :D
Don't claim as your own or re-upload, please.
Thank you to Kiara24 of MyStuff for mesh conversion and for her permission!

3 commenti:

  1. Hiii Lenina =) I just want to give u the thanks for ur amazing job! and also because I would like to know how to download the other two recolors of the dress for my princess :3 Thank u

  2. Can you make on of these in YELLOW? I'm playing harry potter in the sims 4, so I need a yellow for Hufflepuff <3

  3. The only one that shows up is the red one.Why is this?I really like the other 2 too.Please can someone help?